Engaging Children in Science (3rd Edition) by Ann C. Howe

Engaging Children in Science (3rd Edition)

Book Title: Engaging Children in Science (3rd Edition)

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 0130406740

Author: Ann C. Howe

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Ann C. Howe with Engaging Children in Science (3rd Edition)

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The third edition of Engaging Children in Science maintains its inquiry-based constructivist approach while bringing fresh insights and updated material based on current research and best practice. In simple terms, this book explains the use of constructivism, inquiry-based instruction, authentic assessment, and identifying misconceptions in today's science classrooms. Illustrative examples translate these ideas into successful classroom practice that encourages pupils to become independent learners. Specific chapter topics include teaching basic science skills, teaching science as inquiry, teaching science to promote independent learning, enhancing instruction through assessment, planning for achieving goals, shaping the classroom learning environment, including all children in science, integrating science with other subjects, taking science beyond the classroom, and using computers in science. For elementary school science teachers.